In the five-year period following her near-death experience, psychic, and color expert Tori Hartman was visited by more than 45 spirits sharing their original fable stories offering inspiration. It took more than 20 years for Tori to piece together the clues of the strange fables that were told to her by Angels in color, with color titles.

Over time, fable groups were formed. These early groups used index cards with the names of fables on them. Each card represents a fable with a color theme. By using these cards, people would be able to begin healing on a multi-generational level.

One of the more compelling aspects of this deck is the profound connection to color in its many forms, using topical issues. Each fable integrates color so completely that it becomes a natural progression to teach people all about the magic of color.

Realizing how many people these cards could inspire, Tori decided to officially release the cards in 2010. She called them the Color Wisdom Cards, and released them independently on her websites.

Through using the simple processes in the Color Wisdom Cards, Tori’s clients have created everything from an appearance on Oprah, to their own television show, to finding the love of their lives. Tori believes this is all made possible by clearing energy; the secret of which is contained within these fable cards.

As the Color Wisdom Cards began to inspire more and more people, Tori realized that there was a limit to how many people these cards could reach. At this point, Tori’s intuition told her to visit London to find a solution to the distribution limitations with the Color Wisdom Cards. She attended the London Book Fair and ended up meeting a lady named Jo at the fair. Jo loved the Color Wisdom Cards and suggested changing the name to Chakra. Tori loved the name Chakra as she felt it spoke better to the evolutionary nature of the cards. This is because the colors eventually evolve into the wisdom within one’s Chakra. In addition to the name change, Tori felt the need to change a few of the divinations as well. It was at this point that the cards became what is now known as the Chakra Wisdom Oracle.

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