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What are the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards?

The Cards are a collection of fables, colors, and intentions that offer spiritual tools, intuitive development, and living with your intuitive gifts. They give no answers, instead of they offer an internal shift in perception.

Why did you create them?

After a near death experience decades ago, the original fables and color-based stories were relayed to psychic Tori Hartman by Angels.

Do the cards tell the future?

They can, but they also act as a spiritual toolkit to reveal intentions and find powerful ways to shift their energy to be in alignment with manifesting. Specifically, the cards identify what is going on at a core level of the Chakra and offer ways to see into solutions that may not have been clear before.

Do you have to be psychic to read the cards?

No, you do not have to be psychic to use the cards, you simply have to be open to their messages.

Are the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards Tarot cards?

No. Tarot is a specific type of deck and ALL tarot decks contain the same cards, they are simply renamed and reinterpreted. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards are based on original fables that the Angels that told Tori, therefore they are NOT Tarot, but more aligned with Angel Cards. The cards offer universal themes, and tools to allow you to gently see the Angels at work in your life. They are comforting and uplifting.

What is the difference between the Color Wisdom Cards and the Chakra Wisdom Oracle?

The Color Wisdom Cards are the original fable cards created by Tori that integrates the wisdom of color into multi-generational healing. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle represents the evolution of the Color Wisdom Cards because the colors eventually evolve into the wisdom within one’s Chakra. As a result of this, the new Chakra Wisdom Oracle kit look slightly different, and a select few of the cards have been replaced by other cards.

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