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“I ADORE the cards. I have been playing them non-stop since they arrived, with myself and friends. I’m also happily sharing them at Planet SARK. They are immensely valuable for shifting perspective and creating profound new growth.”

-SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy)

You have the Cards, now what?

I never understood why someone would create a deck, and leave you to decipher the meaning of the cards instead of building a relationship with them.

I know it can feel like you’re all alone –  most card reading classes are generic and don’t address your personal connection with YOUR deck. The truth is that most people get intuitive messages, but don’t always trust them.

I created the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards and books – along with the training just for you.

I know how you feel. For years, I’d be attracted to a deck, LOVE it and then have NO idea how to use it. The images were all different and most books offered a generic overview – they were not specific to that deck.

My personal promise to you is this:

If you are called to learn the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards I’m going to guide you as long as you’d like me too, until YOU feel comfortable going out on your own.

As the creator of the deck, I want to take you as deep as you want to go, so you can read at a master level, like I do; ONLY better and in your own voice and style.

The plan here is simple:

You vibe with the deck

You get the books along with the deck

You register for further study if you choose


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What do Chakra Wisdom Oracle Certified Readers say?

“While I took the course thinking I would learn how to DO readings for others, what happened was I learned how to BE A READER. The extensive nature of the work left me feeling comfortable and confident in this new skill.”

– Jerry Pape, Certified Master Reader (Level Two)

I have trained a LOT…and I mean high dollar training and this one is rock solid. It is fantastic.

– Susan H., Certified Master Reader (Level Two)

“Whether you are a reader, an intuitive or wanting to be more present in a different type of role, this training is a wonderful guide and resource.”

– Dena W., Certified Interpreter (Level One)

“It impressed me that Tori’s level of involvement with ALL her students. She knows each of us.  She gives prompt replies and guidance. I am super impressed with Tori.”

– Ruchi from India, Certified Interpreter (Level One)

Are you ready to go from Cautious To Confident?

Are you ready to:

  • Know the difference between your intuition and your brain
  • Completely trust your intuition
  • Offer support to others in an authentic loving way
  • Become the reader you’ve dreamed of being
  • Create the career as a facilitator you truly desire

Are you tired of:

  • Not being sure if it’s you or your intuition speaking? 
  • Guessing as you give a reading instead of knowing?
  • Wondering if your “gift” will work, this time?
  • Craving that intuitive connection that eludes you?
  • Feeling like you don’t have a clear direction.

Register and take the Interpreter Training!

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