What is the Chakra Wisdom Oracle?

Internationally known psychic and author Tori Hartman brings you the Chakra Wisdom Oracle, the second-generation fable deck of cards truly designed to help you unlock your intuitive powers. Using the fables, readings, and workshops, the Chakra Wisdom Oracle provides you with the guidance to find all the answers within you.

Have you ever had a hunch that learning to develop your intuitive power should be easier than people make it out to be? That, somehow, all the answers and all the wisdom was what you already had within you…you just needed to understand the “key” to unlocking it? Well, the Chakra Wisdom Oracle provides you with the ability to see what others don’t.

What Tori wants to share with you today is virtually the ability to see what others don’t. It is human nature to not see what does not exist in one’s frame of reference yet.

For example, when the European tall ships came to America, the Native Americans could not see the ships because the entire concept of a ship was not in their reality. According to ForteanTimes.com,

“A more detailed account, allegedly found in a diary in Magellan’s own handwriting, describes how South Americans could see the boats that the explorers landed in, but not the ships anchored offshore. Their shaman stared out to sea and by imagining what he was looking for, was finally able to make out the ships. He was then able to point them out to others, until at last everyone could see the ships. The shaman could do this because he alone was open to the possibilities of strange things from other worlds.”

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle will allow you to see what was once invisible to you. It has taken 25 years for the fables to come to life in workshops, readings, and fable groups. The most remarkable thing is how they reveal your path and gift instantly if you understand how to step into the state of connection with your higher self. Like many gifts from Spirit, it takes some people time to recognize what they’re given and the path they must take to realize their true calling.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards are so powerful, you will be amazed at how they will help you unlock and release whatever has stood in your way to achieve your dreams. Although you will already know how to have a conversation with the universal wisdom that is already inside by using these cards, the Chakra Wisdom Oracle also has a supplemental workbook that can be used with the cards. In the workbook, you will be able to see ways to delve deeper into each card by having access to the extended fables. This will open your ability to hear your Spirit Guides’ messages for you. Ultimately, you will be able to use the power of Chakra effectively for yourself. Never go to a “guru” or “psychic” again because you will now be empowered and you will now have all the wisdom you require with these cards!

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