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special welcome

message from the

author of the Chakra

Wisdom Oracle,

Tori Hartman!

Tori Visits her Publisher,

Watkins Publishing Ltd in the UK.

Let’s just say it’s not just another day at the office…

Tori Chats with Virtual Light Broadcast

About Her Career, Being a Psychic,

and the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

Pint-sized Deck Reviews for the Tarotist on the go! Allow me to wet your appetite for this rich and wonderful oracle deck. Let’s take a look at divination through the energies of the chakras.

See Psychic Tori Hartman in action during a reading with a client. Using the Intention Layout in the book, she guides you through how she would interpret and look at a reading. Tori offers inside tips on how as a professional reader, she sees the cards.

Psychic Tori Hartman does a reading for someone about Love – and illustrates how the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards offer a personal inquiry question, and gives you a chance to see a new perspective on your card readings.

California Psychic Tori Hartman goes over the 7 Chakra in her Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, and offers ways to interpret the 7 colorful Chakra sections and how it relates intuitively to your journey. She offers a sample reading on how to tap into your own wisdom instantly.

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